Audrey Mika Admits Her “Excuses” Are Useless In New Single

Audrey Brandes

Singer Audrey Mika just dropped her new single, “Excuses,” and not going to lie, it’s a banger. Seriously, it gets better and better with each listen. Her voice is uncannily reminiscent of Ariana Grande, yet the subtle alternative-influenced production sets her apart. And I daresay “Excuses” is catchier than anything on Grande’s last drop (no shade, just wasn’t for me.)

Each nuance of this song feels perfect-- from the beats, the insanely catchy chorus, the muffled guitar riffs, and of course, Mika’s vocal performance. I for one am obsessed with the slowed reverb that closes out the last moments of the song. Though I’m not a massive Pop fan, I have to applaud Mika for converting me with this one. It’s undeniable that she’s got all the makings for a huge star.

Stream “Excuses” now, but prepare for it to be stuck in your head for the next few days.

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