Griff Fills Her "Black Hole" with New Single

Audrey Brandes

Songs about heartbreak don’t always have to be somber. 19-year-old singer Griff proves just that with her new single “Black Hole,” an upbeat and ironically fun song dealing with some rather heavy subject matter.

In a recent BBC interview, Griff explained some of the inspiration for her song. “There's lots of scenarios where you can experience heartbreak. It doesn't have to be romantic. Like if a friend moves away, or you lose a family member. When someone leaves your life, you feel like there's a black hole there.”

Drawing relatable themes, “Black Hole” is a song that anyone can resonate with, as Griff sings:

“And I wish you would realize I’m all you need

It don’t work like that, it’s not easy

To fill this gap you left in me.”

Not only is Griff a crazily talented songwriter, but “Black Hole” boasts some excellent Alternative-Pop production. Her beautiful vocals shine through on this track, with a sound that feels reminiscent of Lorde and Taylor Swift. This single’s boppy Bedroom-Pop feel makes it one that is catchy and melodic – and easy to listen to over and over. Griff has already gotten praise from Taylor Swift herself among many other stars, and for good reason. Backed by Universal Music Group Publishing and Warner Music Group's UK label, Griff is “on her way to becoming the face of British pop,” and is surely one to keep your eyes and ears on. If you’re not already on the Griff wave, listen to “Black Hole” and join the club.

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