Baby Keem Announces 'The Melodic Blue' Has Been Turned In

After Baby Keem released his highly anticipated song “Family Ties,” featuring his cousin Kendrick Lamar, and delivered an impressive verse on Kanye West’s Donda, the pgLang artist took to Twitter to reveal that his upcoming album The Melodic Blue has been turned in. “I just turned the melodic blue in,” he announced Tuesday. While information surrounding the new album is limited, The Melodic Blue will likely see the light of day soon.

“no more singles. album time,” Keem tweeted on August 27th. After years of building momentum by dropping songs like “Orange Soda,” which reached the Billboard Hot 100, the release of his debut studio album is arriving with understandable hype. The Melodic Blue will be the Carson, California rapper’s first project since 2019’s DIE FOR MY BITCH. Keem also stated that the upcoming album contains his best work to date. “[The Melodic Blue] has my best production / compositional work,” he tweeted, furthering already high expectations for the 20-year-old artist.

The pgLang rapper went on to say that his recent drops of “Durag Activity’' and “Family Ties,” will be on the album, ensuring that megastars Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar will feature on The Melodic Blue. The rollout of the much anticipated album has begun, commencing a new era of Baby Keem.

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