Baby Rose Shares New Single “Stop The Bleeding”

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There are more ways than one to innovate within a genre. Some artists opt for shock-and-awe, throwing convention to the side and caution to the wind in an effort to individualize themselves. Others specialize in a particular aspect of their genre, their talent standing head and shoulders above the rest in a way that offers perspectives never conceived before. The most organic way is for an artist to have such unique features that they stand out even when they are within established boundaries. Though performing in the same vein as some of her contemporaries, Baby Rose has carved out a place for herself within R&B in part through vocal recognition. Quite simply, the D.C. raised singer has a voice you can’t forget; after one listen, you are at the mercy of one of the more powerful crooners of this generation. Baby Rose is commanding, a dominant force whose first impression is a lasting one.

No matter your familiarity with her as you come to “Stop The Bleeding”, her arresting new track out today, Baby Rose’s reputation lives on as a truly singular talent. Her aforementioned voice paired with desperate writing have a stop-you-in-your-tracks effect, giving you the feeling of being suspended in time. “Pain is at my window / The storm is at my door / Your sorry is my weakness / Leaves me wanting me,” she despairs, adopting a poem-like cadence that matches the mentality of her writing. The song’s multi-faceted release includes a music video that delivers scenes emblematic of the inner conflict Baby Rose reveals on the track. Her search for inner peace and reconciliation is a trying one, and for as melodramatic as her lyrics may seem, they don’t seem hyperbolic. That is one of the advantages her voice holds: it demands to be taken seriously, as it is presented in the only way it exists.

“Stop The Bleeding” will appear on Baby Rose’s upcoming LP Through and Through, set for release on April 28th. Writing, performing, and executive producing the album allows the budding artist to arrange a work of her truest intentions. Her latest single will sit at the center of the project: “(“Stop The Bleeding”) is a breakthrough and the climax of Through and Through, where I come face to face with my own cycle of pain that I’ve subjected myself to for years and decide enough is enough, I have to break the chain,” Baby Rose shared. In the corresponding visual, Rose confronts her younger self and attempts to find understanding between these two versions of herself. Of the video, she comments, “I believe a lot of the ways we cope come from a baby version of ourselves that just needs to feel safe, seen, and loved. This is my offer of love and plea to be gentle with yourself with whatever you’re growing through.” Her list of achievements is a laundry list of dreams for most artists, but it is clear that what she has already checked off her to-do list is not near as important to her as what is to come. In the immediate, Baby Rose will be taking the stage at SXSW 2023, as well as performing at major showcases in the near future. In anticipation for Through and Through, Rose shared a quote from poet Khalil Gibran that captures the spirit of the album: “Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.” And with that, we give ourselves over to Baby Rose, accepting of the pain that may come from our listening in exchange for the understanding we stand to gain.

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