Souly Had Makes His 2023 Return with Infectious Single “doomed”

Perry Avgerinos

After catching my attention when I was briefly scrolling on my TikTok fyp, Souly Had caught me, and reeled me right in with his bait – an infectious soulful vocal melody on top of loose, swing guitar strums. Having been a listener of Souly Had for years now, “doomed” is the first release that felt much different than his previous releases. It seems the “soul” in Souly is starting to shine in his recent work, and I’m here for it.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love the banger (we need a better word to describe songs like this) type of songs in his catalog like “aesthetic,” but “doomed” is exciting, because it shows Souly Had isn’t afraid to venture out into the vast sea of the unknown. As the chorus goes, “We were doomed / From the beginning, the middle, and the ending,“ “doomed” manages to disguise a negative outlook on a relationship as a hopeless romantic, into an uplifting, romantic spirit. The live instrumentation of this song really brings out the proper emotion the lyrics allude to, and I honestly would love to hear this performed live, because I already know it would hit.

Souly Had has been teasing plenty of records on his TikTok, so I’m sure “doomed” is just the tip of the iceberg. Give “doomed” a listen below:

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