gianni & kyle and Anthony Russo Resurrect Their Broken Hearts with “the day that u left me”

Perry Avgerinos

Your mom’s favorite duo, gianni & kyle have returned, and bring release number “002” since their new rebranded direction and sound. With the first single of 2023, g&k recruited good friend Anthony Russo to drop “the day that u left me,” an anthem to fill the void of a broken heart.

A collaboration in the truest form, gianni & kyle and Anthony Russo hop back and forth within verses and the chorus, blending in to form a seamless trio. With angsty, electric guitar power chords in the chorus, complemented by sweet guitar melodies in the verses, “the day that u left me” cures wounds from the past, reminiscing on an ex-love interest that they can’t seem to move on from as they sing “Like a tattoo, I just can’t get you off me.” As any other g&k song, you can expect catchy melodies, a sing-along chorus, but this time – an edgier delivery.

The rollout for their new rebrand has also been notably clean. Honing in more on the visual component of each track, gianni & kyle highlight a mini movie within each song in under 90 second clips, including story boards designed by kyle himself showing the direction and thought going into each release. 

We got to link up with the guys a couple months ago, and let me tell you, there are many more singles of this quality on the horizon. As recommended by g&k, go find a boombox and blast this outside your ex’s house. Enjoy below:

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