Royce Fisherman Drops Potential Song of the Summer with "Guava Jelly"

Ian Hansen

Royce Fisherman is experiencing quite the 2024. Following the triumph of his hottest single, “Billabong Babe,” he's just unveiled his latest track, “Guava Jelly,” and I can't emphasize enough how perfect it is for the summer.

The New York-based singer and vibe connoisseur adeptly blends rapping and vibrant singing. “Guava Jelly” commences with these quirky deep vocals that segue into high-end singing bliss. I adore the keys in the background and the harmonization post-chorus, which leads into rapping reminiscent of something from Brockhampton.

Royce Fisherman has set for new Indie music, and I'm excited to see his career progress because there are no indications of him slowing down after this year he has had thus far.

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