Olive Louise Bottles Nostalgic Truths in “No Medicine”

Kieran Kohorst
Max Durante

For those lamenting the current state of music and its lack of longevity, New York’s Olive Louise is a voice to restore faith in the intentions of the modern artist. Always concerned with honesty and vulnerability in her music, her latest release, “No Medicine,” brings these trademark traits to new heights. “Our life has purpose / Although it's short lived,” she sings on the chorus, continuing, “There’s no real medicine for it.” Opening in with nostalgic keys and tones, Louise quickly opens up her vocal range to envelop the listener in her message: there is a reason to continue on, she asserts with conviction, and the sorrows of life shouldn’t sour the whole our existence. "There’s no fix that can rid the world of pain or suffering,” Louise says in reference to the track. “Nothing changes the fact that we are all here for a short time and are all doing what we can to feel like our time here means something. I often wish things in my own life had played out differently, and I often find myself afraid of what the future will bring." She is brave yet tender, understanding and encouraging in her delivery, sharing a perspective as timeless as the music that hosts it. 

Released alongside the single is a music video capturing Louise in the same lens she sings through – open, free, and present. Much of her visual and musical influence is highly personal, Louise explains: “The events in my life have forced me through so many huge changes. I never could have seen my life going the way it has. It’s had a profound effect on what I resonate with. I understand not fitting in and moving around and trying to make sense of things without time to, and so that’s the imagery I’m drawn to and the music I write reflects my lived experience.” “No Medicine” follows previous single “Special,” with the two tracks building on her discography of indie folk, dream pop, and Americana-influenced recordings. Though yet to be fully-realized, Olive Louise’s music could comfortably exist in any time – how lucky we are to have at it in this moment.

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