Prepare Your Summer Playlist with Bakar’s Latest Release, "Alive!"

Emma Neveux

One of our favorite genre bending London boy, Bakar, is back right in time for our upcoming summer session with his latest single release “Alive!”. If you don’t know who I’m referring to, wake up already cause you’ve missed some episodes since 2019.

Let me catch you up real quickly just to make sure we all stand on the same vibes here: 

Bakar, hailing from Camden in North London, grew up listening to Choice FM, RnB CDs, and the Quran, which shaped his early musical preferences. His diverse range of influences encompassed the thriving grime scene in London, as well as bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and English indie acts such as The Maccabees. So yeah, now you understand better my enthusiastic opening: “our favorite genre bending london boy," I know. 

He has already made notable appearances on some of the biggest stages including supporting Travis Scott at his sold-out London O2 show, Reading & Leeds, COLORs, and more. And plot twist, he’s not only hyped in the music sphere, but is also making his way remarkably well within the fashion and model sphere. His last single  “Good News” received its debut at the Givenchy 2023 S/S show, where Bakar composed the soundtrack for the presentation. Way to make his creative worlds collide, love it.

Now that you’re all up to date, hop on this latest news so you can finally flex on your friends to know the freshest tunes out first. Bakar's latest single: “Alive!” derives its energy from post-punk basslines and the raw essence of London, which serves as the foundation for his distinctive vocal prowess. It once again highlights his craft for crafting a unique melting pot of styles and influences, with the perfect pop edged to it through honest lyricism. 

In his own words, Bakar calls himself “an instinctive writer; that goes for the notes and the lyrics”, which really resonated in this release. The easy flow between the beats, instruments and lyrics just makes you drift through the track carelessly. Exactly the energy you’ve been looking for for this upcoming sunny season, it just draws unconsciously a witty smile on your face. Yeah, think about this comment when you listen to it, when you’ll realize it you’ll have a quick laugh about it.  

So don’t only focus on preparing your summer body, anyway it’s too late for that, so at least smooth your edges out by preparing for yourself a sweet summer playlist on which you’ll definitely want to add this one to. 

FYI: “Alive!” release also comes along with a compelling music video, directed by rubberband (Lucky Daye, Omar Apollo, Glass Animals) in which  Bakar delivers an extraordinary performance that brings the bustling rush-hour traffic of Central London to a complete halt, reminiscent of a contemporary interpretation of Gene Kelly's iconic scene from the beloved film "Singing in the Rain."  So make sure to check it out while you're at it! 

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