Nate Traveller Floats above the “Mountains” with Vida

Perry Avgerinos

Nate Traveller has been having a busy 2023. Starting off the year with “Clouds,” and coming off the release of one of our favorites to date from the recording artist, “3rd Wheel,” Traveller returns with the wavy wanderlust, “Mountains.”

In a lofty daydream, Nate Traveller floats you above the clouds into the mountains with his melodies, featuring his muse, Vida. The two playfully feed off of each other, sharing in the love in the mountain air, duetting in the verses and showing off their R&B/indie pop chops.

“Baby I got this feeling, when you say you love me, that you really mean it.”

The two encapsulate the feeling of how one special person can make it feel like you two are the only people alive on the planet, and being completely cool with it. Not needing anything more than each other’s company, and the inspirational surroundings of the great outdoors. Nate has been on a tear with his new releases, and we’re ready for whatever is coming next.

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