Get Your Daily Serotonin on Barely Trev’s New Single, “BUMMER”

Freddie Fine

Summer songs can come in two forms – your upbeat, light and airy, catchy tune, and one that tells a feel good story that you could sing while riding your bike as the sun sets. Barely Trev’s latest installment, “BUMMER,” combines a little of both of those worlds, delivering a track to help you find happiness in the small things.

A synth kicks the song off with an intro before the song truly begins after Trev remarks, “Yo, how do you spell restaurant.” A guitar riff takes control of the instrumental, with drums and a constant synth providing the support. The song feels nostalgic in the best way possible, between Trev singing along with the melody and the clapping section of the hook, before ending it out as if the song was being performed live.

Throughout the track, Trev sings about a year that has been, well, a bummer. However, by the end, “Take me down, the serotonin / Find my peace in happy moments” will be ringing in your ears. Check out his new single below:

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