Mokita and Charlotte Sands Collaborate on Most Recent Single, “Crash”

Ian Hansen

If you’re stuck in a relationship that you know won’t last or isn’t good for you, then Mokita and Charlotte Sands’ recent single, “Crash,” is something you’ll relate to. If you want good tunes to listen to with spacious production and ethereal vocal deliveries, “Crash,” is also the right track for you.

The chemistry between Mokita and Charlotte Sands is undeniable. The way they harmonize over each other makes for a delightful experience. “It happened so fast, crash. Hurts so good I can’t look away. You keep pulling me back, back. Saying this time won’t be the same. Bring out the worst In me,” is a prime example of how to make a hook people will gravitate toward.

Every detail is executed so well and Mokita proves yet again why his momentum is through the roof. His songwriting is captivating, the production makes you feel something, and his voice is angelic. It’s everything you’d want in a great song.

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