Illusion Hills Welcome Change with Open Arms with Their New Single, “chasm”

Olive Soki

When you find yourself stuck in the natural crevices and ruts of life, there comes a time where you will inevitably outgrow your nook. Think of it as nature’s way of pushing you towards change, like a hermit crab. In these moments you have two choices; either you can embrace change and use its momentum to catapult you towards something new, or fall victim to time, remaining stuck under its spell.

Either recently freed from their personal chasms or currently in the process of liberation, Illusion Hills have a word or two to share on the subject. Dissecting the multi-possibility game that is life in their new single “chasm” ft. aldrch, the collective speaks on the dichotomy between staying put, versus leaving comfort in the name of growth.

Opening up with Luca Pantel’s comforting words on change, the track starts off softly, to the point of familiarity, with a delicate guitar riff. However, true to themes concerning adjustment and change, it immediately switches up, unraveling the distorted push and pull track. In a matter of seconds you can easily place yourself in each one of the members personal chasms as they attempt to crawl up to the surface.

Considering the two alternate realities, one where they succumb to their outgrown shells or move on to the unknown, it is clear that they’ve chosen the latter, for better or for worse. Willing to take on the challenge, warp mj contends, “Whether change is positive or negative it allows you to adjust, grow, and learn in order to get out of the same cycle of stagnation.”

Rowdy changes tamed and comfort restored, by the end of the song, you finally get a chance to reflect on the growth  gained along the way. Ending on a rather sweet note, lulling oohs and grounding guitars in the outro mark a new beginning, and perhaps newfound contentment. As the second single from the burgeoning collective released so far this year, “chasm” is further proof for the collective's bright future.

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