BEL and girlhouse Deliver Compelling Anthem for Reluctant Party-Goers, "PBR"

Olive Soki

Following the release of her first single of the year, “Big city,”  BEL is back with a brand new song titled “PBR.” Featuring girlhouse, “PBR” is the perfect track for anybody who’s ever found themselves at an event they regretted attending in the first place.

Relatable and enticing, “PBR” speaks to anybody who’s attended an underwhelming night out. As the song progresses, we are given a tour of the party as well as the thought process that led to BEL’s conclusion: “I don’t think I want to be here.” Despite the lack of enthusiasm expressed in the lyrics, the chorus feels like a well-needed burst of energy. Setting aside the obvious elements of contradiction, this pairing is quite perfect. As a person who chronically avoids gatherings out of sheer disinterest, the thought of relieving yourself of such a predicament is as liberating as it gets. By the looks of it, both BEL and girlhouse agree as they flawlessly encapsulated the sentiment in their anthem.

While she continues to prime her fans for her forthcoming EP, Jet Lag is gearing up to be a project to remember, and an event I would gladly attend.

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