Who is BEL?

Ian Hansen

Cutting edge is the best way to describe BEL’s music. From the small town of Clovis, California, she has a dreamy atmosphere that blends indie, folk, and pop in way that is masterful and honest.

After a consistent 2021, she brings the same momentum with her first release of 2022, “Big City,” where she teamed up with Nashville producer Jon Santana to create the first single of her Jet Lag EP coming out. “Big City” has a country-inspired guitar playing throughout with dreamy vocals that perfectly blend her indie, folk, and pop influence that makes her music so unique and grand. The arrangement is brilliant, as the track just keeps building anticipation and the way she layers her vocals adds to the atmosphere of the track.

BEL is shaping up to have an incredible 2022 and should be on your radar of artists to listen to. If you want unique genre-bending music, BEL is perfect for you.

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