BEL Is Back with Her Striking Single, “Are You Okay?”

Olive Soki
SJ Spreng

From a top tier streak of singles to the release of her transformative sophomore EP Jet Lag, 2022 was a great year for BEL. However, as a fan, the end of this project cycle left me feeling quite insatiable. So, you can imagine the excitement I felt when she started teasing her new single “Are You Okay?” on Instagram. Genuine yet playful, “Are You Okay?” is the perfect track to jumpstart the new year with BEL.

As I’ve stated in the past, BEL really does have a knack for picking out seemingly singular experiences and magnifying them into enticing songs. While “Are you Okay”  was originally meant to soothe a friend going through it with their partner, as well as BEL herself, as she questioned – in a world of perfect pairs – if she was “okay” with her own singlehood, it doesn’t take much to identify similar instances in our lives. Whether you’ve turned to your friends for relationship advice, given relationship advice to a friend, or felt a bit lonely in a world of romantics, BEL’s got the perfect track for you.

Beyond storytelling, the sequential progression of the single almost imitates how an intervention of this sort would go down. The choruses act as pockets of context, while the bridge provides a moment of sincerity that perfectly juxtaposes the pre-choruses mischievous bassline.

Upbeat and infectious there is no denying the fact that BEL’s released another one of her ever-relatable hits.

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