BEL Helplessly Tries To Patch Things up with Her Latest Single “Forget Everything”

Olive Soki
Credit: SJ Spreng

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there isn’t a corner of the world of unrequited sentiments and unspoken desire BEL hasn’t touched or cannot conquer. While her last single “Cold Brew” explored the push and pull effect of keeping it cool and coy, her latest single, “Forget Everything,” dips into the territory of desperately wanting to press rewind.

A 21st century manifestation of the sentiment captured in Clarice Lispector’s novel An Apprenticeship or The Book of Pleasures - where the author compares missing the small window of time in a friendship where it is appropriate to initiate romance as “a fruit that isn’t harvested in time and falls rotten from the tree to the ground” - “Forget Everything” shows, the aftermath and immediate regret of the advance.

Sonically easy going and simple, what matters here are her feelings towards her subject. In her mission to desperately get her message across and patch up their relationship she needs clarity, which is very noticeable in the verses. However, when in an urgent state, one cannot help but let their emotions take over, which is exactly what happens on the chorus as she begs the recipient to humour her and “forget everything.”

Adding to the context of the single Bel shares, “It’s about developing and acting on feelings for a friend and the aftermath of it. It’s me realizing my relationship with that person will never be the same and wishing we could forget it all and go back to the way we were.”

Her third single of the year, “Forget Everything” marks the induction of another irresistibly cathartic and heart-wrenching track to BEL’s discography.

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