Dua Saleh Is A Light in The Dark On “daylight falls”

Kieran Kohorst
Credit Grant Spanier

No matter the forecast, it feels as if there is a dark cloud hovering above us all, or not too far in the distance. For so many, rock bottom has never felt closer as they find themselves victims of personal or societal marginalization. It’s here that the strong among us must make their voice heard, if not encouraging than at least empathizing with the subjects of these attacks. Seizing the moment is Dua Saleh, an artist who’s earned a reputation for fearless creativity and ambition. On their new single “daylight falls,” Dua offers their presence as a sign of strength. Invigorated in their vocals, they pierce through the pain with unrelenting force. From deep in their spirit, Dua words could inspire one to move mountains. 

In a press release, Dua shared more about the track, explaining they were “thinking about a point when I was at my lowest, and being a friend for kids who might be feeling the same, at the brink of it, especially with all that’s going on with trans and abortion legislation. Everyone’s going through it.” The accompanying music video for the song, directed by Braden Lee, attacks this inner turmoil with both ferocity and grace. 

The message of the track comes as Dua reaches the height of their young career: having recently collaborated with Travis Scott and Justin Vernon on the former’s album cut “MY EYES,” Dua is also slated to return as her character Cal Bowman in Netflix’s series Sex Education, returning on September 21. Their heightened platform only empowers them to raise awareness to the causes most troubling today’s world: in addition to the aforementioned crises surrounding trans and abortion legislation, Dua hopes to shine a light on the civil war ongoing in their home country of Sudan. “daylight falls” supports the women-led anti-atrocities non-profit organization that is near to Dua, Darfur Women’s Action Group, that works to empower and support survivors of the Darfur genocide, both in Sudan and in the diaspora. For more info and to contribute, visit HERE.

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