Zach Beaver Made Your New Favorite Song From Where?

Riley Furey

Zach Beaver is one of the most promising artists coming from the Akron, Ohio area, and he helps pay homage to the end of the warm midwest season with the release of his new single, "Sunflower."

"Sunflower" is his second song back after a near four year hiatus, and the release comes as a surprise to many; possibly even to himself. When I first met Zach I could tell that he has always moved on his own accord, and that he believes the 'rules' of the industry are simply suggestions that don’t need to be followed to be successful. The majority of the past few years for him have been focused on making music for himself, but he has kept the creative juices flowing in the meantime by playing for the band at his church.

Zach is one of the most refreshing artists coming out of Ohio, and this indie-pop ballad was everything I needed it to be. "Sunflower" highlights the inner turmoil of deciding if a relationship is right for him, and once there are no words left to say; an emotional guitar solo speaks to voice the emotions he can't.

This is one of my favorite songs that has been released in the Akron music scene, and I hope covering this can begin to shine a light on the talent coming out of the city right now.

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