Ben Chandler’s Vibey “How Can It Be?” Is What Makes Him Great

Ian Hansen

Pittsburgh’s very own, Ben Chandler, has graced us with his long-awaited offering for the year 2023 — an enchanting track titled "How Can It Be?." It's a tune that embodies the essence of his brilliance as a musician, and I am so glad he is back with new music.

There's a certain allure in his tone that brings nostalgia from the vintage rock tunes my mother used to play during car rides. The groovy basslines and sun-kissed guitars weave seamlessly, creating a vibrant atmosphere that is undeniable.

What sets Ben Chandler apart is his innate ability to captivate without doing too much. His music remains true to his authentic self, a testament to his genuine songwriting. The production flawlessly accentuates that heartstring-tugging nostalgia, while his vocals reach new heights with each release.

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