Gaff Gets Fans "Movin’" in Latest Release

Perry Avgerinos

Gaff wasn’t kidding when he said more music was on the way in 2023. Coming off his latest single “Right Here Waiting,” marking his first drop in nearly 2 years, Gaff drops “Movin’,” a silky smooth dance-inspired record that is bound to be run up heavy this summer.

“And I just wanna chill with my friends / hoping that the summer won’t end”

Written, recorded, and produced by the young talent, “Movin’” reveals a true progression in the sound Gaff’s been building the past few years. With his usual glossy guitar chords and anthemic vocals, Gaff switches up the bpm with uptempo drums, and explores where he can take his cadence and vocal delivery. “Movin’” might just be my new favorite from Gaff, a timely release with the summer energy that’s been in the valley air of Los Angeles lately.

With more on the way, “Movin’” is a windows down, bump this in your car asap track. Coming off a recent intimate show in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland, Gaff looks like he’s fully ready to realize his potential.

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