Ben Ellis Gazes Back on Teenage Nostalgia in New Release “Ed’s House”

Sundhya Alter

The bittersweet memories of high school are often romanticized through the freedom we impulsively long for just to grow up a little faster. But it seems as though when you finally become the older version your teenage self looked up to, sometimes all you want to do is go back in time. Ben Ellis’ “Ed’s House” puts us back in high school, reminiscing about the days when your parent's liquor cabinet supplied the house parties and the little moments of fleeting love felt like the end of the world.

“Ed’s House” is Ellis’ second single, an upbeat pop indie track that highlights the artist's laid-back vocals, tapping into a feeling that evokes a universal memory. The track begins with muted background conversation of people laughing and talking creating a cinematic image that Ellis uses to undergird the track's sound. Between looping guitar riffs and soft bass, the Wales native's unrushed vocals are playfully conversational as though he's talking to a friend about tonight's plans. Beaming with youthful energy throughout the track, the artist urges listeners to not take this time for granted, soaking in the moments they will soon look back on. 

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