Cristina Shares an Ode to the Little Things in Life with Her New Single, “Comfy”

Olive Soki

With a decade of musical knowledge and training it is safe to say that Cristina is familiar with her craft. With the ability to pull inspiration from her jazz background, Cristina's music meets the ear with ease, leaving you with no choice other than to succumb to its beauty. Sharing another effortless jam that embodies her musical essence she’s offered up her new single, “Comfy.”

Filled with little details you’ll grow to love, Cristina takes the opportunity to express her gratitude for the little things in life with her single. Nostalgia, friendships, heck even our personal sanctuaries have the power to make our lives a little more enjoyable every day. And Cristina’s “Comfy” has the same ability. Adorned with scattered bits of soulful vocals, acoustic verses, innocent snaps, and the ever satisfying whistling in the outro, the track, like our lives, is filled with little instances of bliss sure to warm your heart on the gloomiest day.

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