Ben Ellis Challenges Traditional Narratives on “not this time”

Freddie Fine

Ben Ellis has just released his debut single, and that is certainly not what you would’ve thought after listening. The Welsh artist has had a long journey to this point, having been making music since the age of 10, and further explored this passion during the pandemic. From busking by the river Thames, to collaborating with artists across the world, “not this time” is finally out there for everyone to hear.

“not this time” displays an unexpectedly amazing genre-bending nature, deceptively transitioning from an acoustic guitar to a heavy bass and rock influenced track. It feels like the perfect groundwork for the topics explored – straying away from the narrative. Speaking on the track, Ben said it is, “about people imposing their fears on me regarding going after my dreams. It speaks to me wanting to stay true to myself instead of conforming to the traditional ideas of what a career path should look like.”

Closed out by a short but sweet guitar solo, this track delivers on all accounts. Check it out below:

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