CLAY Sinks to Swim with New Alessia Cara-Assisted Song “WTSGD”

Kieran Kohorst

Sometimes, it’s the lowest moments that show you how much higher you can go. For LA-based artist CLAY, it’s rather how dark her surroundings are that ultimately offer her optimism for the days ahead. In anticipation of her coming EP, Breathing Into Bloom, CLAY recruits Alessia Cara to collaborate on the project’s newest single, titled “WTSGD.” An acronym functioning as "When The Sun Goes Down," the track is “an honest exploration of what it feels like to struggle with your mental health,” in their own words.

CLAY opens the song by lyrically and vocally demonstrating the daily struggles of keeping a positive mindset, especially in a world as conflicted as ours is currently. After working to build up the courage to continue the fight, Cara enters the fold to confess to similar trials. The two display great chemistry in their writing tendencies, penning individualistic accounts that, coupled with the other’s, provides an empathetic perspective of their mental state. Despite the serenely melancholic tones of the song leading up to this point, “WTSGD” ends with the duo sharing some optimism: “No matter how dark it gets / Just as the sun does set / It too must rise.”

“WTSGD” is the second single off CLAY’s upcoming Breathing Into Bloom EP, with previously released track “ARTERY” also set to appear on the project. With the promise of “radical vulnerability” and the natural talent evident in previous releases, CLAY’s sophomore EP should be a priority for fans when it becomes available on May 4th.

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