Jaywop Is Ready to Spread His Wings with His New Single, “Red Water”

Olive Soki

Following the release of his last album Suede, JayWop is back and better than ever, ready to claim his spot as your new favorite rapper. Luckily for you, his new single  “Red Water,” featuring Mick Jenkins and Donte Thomas (produced by Sxlxmxn), has all the right ingredients for him to skyrocket to that title.

The song starts off pretty quietly with a comfortably inviting lo-fi beat until it crescendos into a grounding and enticing sound. Verse after verse, Jay reaffirms his impressive lyricism painting the perfect picture with the help of Mick and Donte. From the lo-fi beat, sustained flows and the earworm-worthy chorus, to the electric guitar solo and sax appearance in the outro, this track could easily become your summer essential – and has already gained a spot on my playlist.

Easy-going yet heavy hitting in all the right ways, “Red Water” serves as an empowering subliminal to whoever is willing to sit back and listen.

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