Berlue Gets “Existential” with His Latest Single

Sophia Clemente
Luke Rogers

Nashville-based indie/alternative-rocker Berlue has made his triumphant return following the release of his debut album A Flood Within You with his new single “Existential.” Berlue’s latest single offers an introspective, yet comforting reminder that everyone on Earth is struggling to answer the same questions about our existence. A ballad dedicated to the general loneliness and confusion that’s so prevalent in the world, Berlue’s gentle and infectious melodies, guitar riffs, and dynamic drums make for an easy yet thought-provoking listen.

Very reminiscent of 90s alternative rock, but with some uplifting indie elements, Berlue is clearly conscious and comfortable in his personal sound, and “Existential” follows the pattern of his previous releases as a phenomenal display of this. The track’s lyrics and melody are refreshing and exude the acceptance of blissful ignorance. The song’s sense of joyousness will leave its tune lingering in listeners’ heads and will undoubtedly bring people back again and again. Its relatively simple, but compelling production and arrangement highlight Berlue’s bright and airy vocals, allowing the tracks message to take center stage.

“Existential” is yet another powerful reminder of Berlue’s confidence and belonging within the indie rock space and is an impressive catalyst into what’s to come for his artistry.

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