Malcolm Todd Puts Sweet Groove on “Sweet Boy”

Ian Hansen

Malcolm Todd's remarkable run in 2023 has been nothing short of extraordinary. With a consistent stream of high-quality releases, his latest track, "Sweet Boy," only adds to his impressive arsenal, epitomizing – as evidenced by his rapid growth from just around 200,000 monthly listeners a month ago to now surpassing 600,000 - the idea that consistency breeds success.

"Sweet Boy" exudes vibes reminiscent of Steve Lacy's last album, and I mean that with the highest compliment. The irresistible melodies and infectious acoustic guitar loops create an immensely enjoyable listening experience. One aspect I truly admire about Todd is the fact that he never gets stagnant on a song, and on this particular song it's evident that he's having a blast in the studio. His relaxed delivery exudes an infectious energy that makes me want to dance.

Witnessing Malcolm Todd's rise to success has been an incredibly enjoyable journey, and his music's trajectory mirrors this excitement. With each track, he continues to elevate his craft, leaving no doubt that he will soon be at the pinnacle of his career.

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