BETWEEN FRIENDS Bring Back 80's Synth Pop On "Eyes on my Baby"

Ben Wego

The dynamic sibling duo BETWEEN FRIENDS, composed of Savannah and Brandon Hudson, has recently unveiled their latest single, "Eyes on my baby," a captivating blend of 80s synth-pop that exudes unbeatable charm. This track, adorned with upbeat drums and synths, radiates an innate main character energy, making it a perfect fit for cinematic scenes—a quality that permeates the duo's sun-drenched Californian bedroom pop discography.

BETWEEN FRIENDS masterfully merges vintage influences, showcasing their exceptional ability to capture the grooviness of the early 2000s and the vibrancy of the 80s in their musical creations. "Eyes on my baby" immediately captivates the listener with its vivacious hook and percussion, weaving a tale of love obsession with a touch of pizzazz. The lyrics vividly portray a love interest so perfect that they are described as sleeping in daisies.

Consistency is key for BETWEEN FRIENDS, as they continue to deliver a cinematic experience with each release. Their unique aesthetic, dynamic production, and captivating vocals create a lively and trippy love-sick energy that proves to be incredibly addictive.

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