Stevie Matthew and Robin Thicke Unite at Their Best for “Hotel”

Kieran Kohorst

To work with one of the greats is an accomplishment in itself. To make the most of a collaboration is another story, but for the multi-talented Stevie Matthew, dreams becoming reality can sometimes be sweeter than one imagines. His new single “Hotel” is a shiny piece of vintage in its sound, complimenting guest star Robin Thicke with its enthusiastic live instrumentation. “Making this record with Robin was crazy for me,” Matthew shares in a press release. “I kind of got to pretend that it was 2002 and make something like the music I grew up on. It's all real instruments: strings, horns, drums, guitars recorded across like 5 of the most legendary LA studios…I definitely felt like I was dreaming through the whole thing.” Thicke’s tongue-in-cheek approach plays well with Matthew’s flare as a producer, a quality that reveals itself after a romantic string section opens the track. “Hotel” feels like a cosmic moment for both artists: for Thicke and Matthew to meet from their respective positions as revered songwriter and prodigious producer, the song is a reason for both to celebrate the accomplishment.

Matthew released his first solo track in “a song to make out to” last year alongside Olivia Holt, and already he’s made in-roads with some of music’s biggest talents. With Thicke joining him for “Hotel,” the 19-year-old Matthew has plans for new music with the likes of Ty Dolla $ign, Rich The Kid, Leon Thomas, and more. Nurtured from childhood in a musical environment, Matthews received a drum kit for his second birthday and seems to have never looked back. His taste and talents are varied, masterfully blending eras of music to create anthems built to transcend the trends of the moment. It doesn’t seem premature to say that music may have just found its next wunderkind.

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