Take A Ride On An Emotional Roller Coaster With "everything about her" by Amie Blu

Riley Furey

“everything about her” by Amie Blu is the perfect song to usher our society away from isolation as we close in on the beginning of the Spring months. And after listening to this track, there is much more to it than meets the eye.

At face value, you would assume that this is an out and out love song. The production shows its hand like a magician would prior to misguiding you for a trick, and its playfulness makes you focus less on the plea that is lined throughout the lyrics. Amie talks through a scenario where she knew someone who was hurt badly in the past and had a disdain for how they were treated, but through the process of dealing with their heartache, they became jaded enough to enforce that same reality.

“everything about her” still can be seen under the lens of a love song through the care that is put into the framing of how the person in this song came to be what they are, but more than anything, we are met with what could’ve been if this person never changed.

This single is the epitome of the thoughtfulness that is invoked from spending months inside, but wanting to get outside and experience the beauty of life at the same time. You can say what you want about the track, but the word that comes to mind for me is real. ETAH is full of raw expression, and that leaves us with a meaningful listen, whether it’s through the introspective lyricism, or from the energetic and playful production that is paired right along with it.

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