BIZZY Keeps It Real on “I Don’t Get Breakups”

Ian Hansen
Credit: Hunter Henderson

The past few years have marked a monumental journey for BIZZY, the latest signing of Nashville's Big Loud. Her breakthrough came in 2022 when her debut track "Anybody" went viral on TikTok, amassing over 10 million streams across various platforms. Fast forward to the present, and BIZZY maintains her momentum with the recent release of "I Don't Get Breakups," an anthemic and grungy rock track that delves into the complexities of messy breakups.

Hailing from Washington, DC, BIZZY's rock-infused sound resonates with those grappling with the confusion of ending a relationship with someone they once loved. The chorus, "Oh I, I don't get breakups, they're stupid and made up," encapsulates the raw and unfiltered emotions surrounding the unpredictability of love and heartbreak.

Sonically, the song is grand, featuring an impressive introduction that builds into a grungy riff, creating a dynamic interplay with BIZZY's vocals. The instrumental arrangement seamlessly complements the emotional depth of the chorus, resulting in a more immersive and heartfelt listening experience.

As BIZZY embarks on her first U.S. tour in support of FRENSHIP, she is carving out her space in the music world. I am genuinely excited to witness the continued progression of BIZZY's career, as her journey thus far has been nothing short of impressive.

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