BKAYE Creates A Nostalgia Bomb with “My Mistake”

Perry Avgerinos

With how much dance music has evolved in the past 10 years, one thing that holds true is the gut-feeling of nostalgia that this genre evokes. One artist that seems to understand this is BKAYE. With his second original release of 2023, BKAYE returns with a carefully crafted atmospheric house ballad. With influence from deep house to piano house, to future bass sound design, BKAYE infuses catchy chords, and a pitched-down vocal sample that hits your feels, creating a nostalgia bomb you won’t want to avoid.

Within the past 6 months, BKAYE has embarked on this new house wave, which I personally have been a big supporter of. With a continued steady release schedule, I think this new sound could catch heat some time this year. “My Mistake” is the first BKAYE single released via Blue Suede Records – a new joint venture between music curator Ari Elkins and Avex USA, two avenues known to help push streams. With all signs pointing in the right direction, BKAYE looks to continue to elevate to new heights. Listen below:

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