Mokita Can’t Turn the Page on New Single “Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?”

Kieran Kohorst

While endings can be seen as new beginnings, that’s more of an optimistic approach. A pessimist or, if you’re being generous, realist, sees no such opportunity. The finality of an ending is something to be mourned and considered from their perspective. On his new single, Nashville-based artist Mokita gravitates toward the latter. “Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?” is entirely in the moment, more concerned with what he is losing than what he can look forward to. The song is not openly melancholic, but the lyrics tell a different story. “This song is about starting over. When you get to the end of a great relationship, you’re forced to come to terms with the fact that you have to start all over,” he shares of the track’s inspiration. “It’s scary letting go of someone, especially when you were so comfortable with them, and you felt like they really knew you. Opening yourself back up after being hurt is always incredibly hard. This song just deals with the emotions that go on when you’re figuring out how to move on and let someone go.” 

The chords that open the song suggest a sort of longing, and Mokita’s words corroborate the sentiment: “I need your arms to fall into but you’re nowhere to be found,” he despairs in the chorus. Accompanying the single is a music video for “Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?”, which drives home the tone of the track with direction from Zach Pigg. “It’s always fun working with Zach, who has been doing all my videos for a while, because he’s able to bring to life some of these ideas. I just wanted the video to match some of the emotions that the song brings out and I think it turned out sick,” says Mokita. “Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?” serves as the title track to Mokita’s upcoming EP, featuring previously released singles “I Can’t Help Myself” and “High.” Due this spring, the project will feature a theme of “getting comfortable in your own skin”, with Mokita revealing that “all these songs are just a page in my journal.” The EP is set to showcase a new version of Mokita; a new beginning, if you prefer. "Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?" is ripe with optimism and hope for an artist who’s still growing into himself.

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