Blair Lee Tenderly Looks to the Past With New Single, “Hurdles”

Olive Soki

It isn’t often that I get to cover fellow Canadians, however, today’s the day and the wonderfully talented artist is Blair Lee. A classically trained pianist turned singer-songwriter, Lee has perfected a blend between high and low, giving her immense room to grow — and woo her listeners along the way. As expected this is exactly what her latest single “Hurdles” accomplishes.

Spacious and engrossing, “Hurdles” starts out pretty soft. Slowly building up over 3 minutes, delicate acoustic guitars, understated percussion, and her breazy vocals completely wrap you into the depths of her mind, only setting you free at the very last second. As she reflects on the passing of time and the memories left behind “Hurdles” allows us to understand the singer on a deeper and more vulnerable level, while also giving us room for personal reflection and recollection. Speaking of the track, Blair shares, “I once dreamt that gravity was getting weaker, leaving the planet. My grandparents were on a cruise ship that was floating up onto the sky, and there was nothing I could do to save them. Those feelings resurfaced now that they are nearing their life.”

Her first track of the year, “Hurdles” is a soothing and entrancing ode to our loved ones and the inevitable realities of life.

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