Joey Xl Combines Afrobeats and R&B in New Single, “Good Love”

Sundhya Alter

Joey XL, a rising artist from East London, has delivered yet another song reminding us of his seductive vocals and versatile talent, unfit to be confined to a singular genre he revives his R&B roots in his new single, Good Love. As an independent creative, Joey XL is not one to be boxed into a singular sound, in previous tracks, he is heard experimenting with electronic, afrobeat, and even gospel-inspired backtracks. With his most recent drop listeners experience what appears to be his most natural sound, soulful, tame and intimate Joey XL writes Good Love, his fourth release this year.

Accumulating fame in the UK R&B scene, Joey Xl writes music by way of soul searching and self-discovery. As the UK artist lyrically communicates the trials and tribulations of what it means to find purpose and connection he stays genuine to himself, seen in both the authenticity of his tracks and his mysteriously low profile. A delicate wordsmith, Joey XL prefers to express reality over idealism, in his newest release he explores the hard truth of letting someone in, acknowledging that vulnerability is to sacrifice one’s fear of getting hurt.

Weaving together R&B and Afrobeats, the artist incorporates melancholic vocals that pair lightly with the overwhelmingly addictive beat, allowing the lush drums and layered instruments to take precedence during the verses. While the verses prioritize afrobeat sounds, the chorus is where Joey XL showcases his stunningly smooth vocals in a more optimistic delivery.  

Good Love is only a sample of what Joey Xl is capable of, returning from the hiatus he took in 2020, I’m hopeful that the cross-cultural artist has more music in store for his growing fan base, a group of which I am proudly a part of.

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