Nate Fenn Gets Straight To The Point with, “Who’s It Gonna Be??”

Olive Soki

The last time we heard from Nate Fenn, he’d just gifted us his fifth single, “On Your Phone.” A breezy and pertinent track on our modern digital and mobile habits. As expected the response to the single was nothing but love. Soaring to a little more than 20k streams, it is only fair to say that “On Your Phone'' was a success. Now, back to grace us with another playlist must-have, Nate shares his latest single “Who’s It Gonna Be??”

This time introducing a quizzical banger, Nate brings his familiar playful and honest tone to another level. Smoothly leading us into a messy and pressing call and answer jam, decorated with short and sweet Spanish guitar riffs and satisfying harmonies, it’s hard not to join in and match his energy. We all have our doubts and skeptic spells in our everyday relationships and while you’d normally opt to take the high road in these situations, Nate is here to show that getting straight to the point might just get you the answers you deserve.

If there’s one thing you should take away from these few paragraphs is that “Who’s It Gonna Be??” is definitely a win on Nate’s part and totally deserves a place in your daily rotation. So make sure to stream the new single and check-out his discography while you're at it — who knows, you might just have a gem or two.

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