Blu DeTiger’s New Single Is Far From 'Elevator' Music

Kieran Kohorst

While it's impossible to characterize an artist with a single adjective, there is typically one that is consistent and defining enough to dictate personification. For Blu DeTiger, it is her aloof charm that is best described as suave that acts as a common thread between her talents: the bass she plucks with intuition, the lyrics she pens with cryptic deliverance, the vocals that somehow allow remote emotions to become personal. The subtle groove familiar in DeTiger’s music is central to “Elevator,” the NYC artist’s newest release that predates her upcoming North American headlining tour. A natural fit in the prospective setlist, the track sees DeTiger employing a new outlook on a relationship that offers a revitalized freedom mirrored in the song’s production.

When she begins her North American tour in November, DeTiger will do so confidently, having taken the stage at some of the biggest festivals this year. Tapping Tiffany Day as a supporting act, the tour will visit some of the most reputably intimate venues in the US, beginning at the Royale in Boston. Buy tickets here to catch one of pop’s most diversely talented acts live and in-person.

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