Brandon Sees Through Clear, Teary Eyes on “Cherie”

Kieran Kohorst

In an art form focused on communication, delivery is just as important as substance. The best voices to listen to are those that can effectively diagnose what approach is most appropriate for a particular setting. Riverside, CA artist Brandon possesses this skill along with many others that aid him in crafting melancholic tracks that insist you sing them from the parts of your heart you try to avoid. His perspective on relationships often venture into dangerous territory, with his newest release “Cherie” reminisces on a love that cannot be rekindled, more longing for what is lost than desperate to recapture the connection. His conscience is clear, but it is clear that there have been tears shed in coping with the loss.

“Cherie” is Brandon’s first original release of 2022, following his cover of Phoebe Bridgers’ “Savior Complex.” Brandon’s ability to manipulate his performance to the needs of the track are evident in his cover, showing his fans a different side of him and earning adoration from Bridgers herself.

Adding to his seemingly-endless skillset, all instrumentation, production, and writing on “Cherie” are credited to Brandon. Citing Tame Impala, Sade, Stevie Wonder, and Bryson Tiller as inspirations, Brandon’s sound is classic and gimmick-free. Sure to elicit some kind of emotion from any listener, “Cherie” is the most recent offering from an artist with a deep enough discography to suggest potential. Brandon’s hiding-in-plain-sight talent points only to evolution moving forward.

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