Tess Henley Shares a Peaceful and Revelatory Single, “Good for Me”

Olive Soki

Some days are heavy music kind of days. Mind numbing drums, electrifying guitars, basslines with magnitudes similar to terrorizing earthquakes — the whole nine yards. On the other hand, some days are meant for reflective and soothing tracks. Here, to provide the latter, and announce her upcoming EP Paramount, Tess Henley offers her easy going, yet spell-binding single, “Good For Me.”

Dedicated to the balancing act of deciphering the positive and negative impacts a relationship can have on one's life, and whether or not said relationship should be pursued, “Good For Me” feels like a reassuring wake-up call. Said by the songstress herself, “The song isn’t much about having a solution, but asking the question.”

Sung soulfully and written in a truthful and personal manner, Henley makes room for eventual revelations. The same can be said about the production and instrumentation on the track. Kept on the minimal side of things, “Good For Me” primarily features some piano, nostalgic chords, courtesy of Tess’ 80’s Casio keyboard, and light percussion. Sprinkled with water-like splatters and birds vocalizing in the background, every little detail, even the smaller moments of clarity, add to the simplistic nature of the song. Coming alive in a liberating chorus where she sings the refrain “Good for me, good for me. Everything good ain’t good for me,” Tess presents a mantra worth a thousand replays.

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