dyl dion Is Ascending to the Upper Echelons of Music

Freddie Fine

It takes someone extremely special to have just released their sixth song and already becoming a star. The rising 18 year old sensation that is dyl dion is capturing the ears of millions with his delicate vocals and soothing production, and his latest installment, “moonlight,” is no exception.

An instrumental led by a soft guitar riff and drums gives dyl’s voice the perfect stage to shine, kicked off with an utterly perfect hook. The ensuing verses create a cozy atmosphere, making you truly feel like you are dancing in the moonlight. Speaking on the meaning of the track, dyl said, “I wanted to give my fans something to feel in the heat of the summer,” and to say he accomplishes this would be an understatement.

If the first two minutes did not bring out all the emotions, then undoubtedly outro will as a higher pitched rendition of the hook will have you ascending, topping off what has quickly become my favorite song from dyl.

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