The Hot Streak Continues with juno’s New Single “la fleur”

Teddy Tran

juno, the 17-year-old music artist that’s made a name for themself within the digicore scene, has never failed to impress. They’ve consistently delivered hit after hit, from their two breakout singles “insomnia” and “hero” which have amassed around two million streams each, to their newly released single, “la fleur.” Each song from Juno seems to be further proving of their blossoming talent, and I believe that this is only the beginning of what’s to come.

“la fleur” is a faultless combination of what Juno has perfected throughout their discography. Catchy and soulful hooks, which usually pertain to failed love and relationships, delivered with the pain, angst, and resentment that they’ve felt in the past. Juno fights the tempestuous feelings of loving someone that’s in the past, singing “Used to lovе you, used to trust you, but I can't anymore / The feeling now's not the same as before / But I'll always love you, you're my dearest, la fleur.” The memories and emotions flood in as you listen, and you can’t help but sing along as the heartfelt lyrics float over the synth-heavy production, courtesy of two of Juno’s most frequent collaborators, hallow and dltzk. When pairing two of the digicore scene’s most talented producers with Juno’s excellent songwriting and passionate vocal delivery, it makes for the perfect song.

The single, which arrives as Juno prepares to go on the Things With Wings Tour alongside ericdoa, follows Juno’s previous single, “toxic,” which I highly recommend giving a listen to, especially if you enjoyed “la fleur.”

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