Calabasas Brings a Relatable and Sonically Beautiful Track With “The Mend”

Ian Hansen

Sonically, Los Angeles duo Calabasas’ most recent single “The Mend” is cheerful and makes you want to cruise down the road at sunset, but lyrically, it is a personal track to those dealing with a break up and the hardships of a relationship.

Once again, the duo of Watrcup and Frankskiiz bring together another amazing production of catchy guitar melodies, superb vocals, and beautiful songwriting that gets personal with what is going with their lives. "We wanted to take a deeper dive into our personal lives on this song,” Watrcup said. “I wrote this at a tough time in my relationship for the woman I love. It’s a chance to get vulnerable with our fans and let them know that we are all humans and we make mistakes."

The track showcases the versatility of the duo effortlessly meshing alternative and rock grooves into their usual hip-hop style making for the perfect lead single for their next project.

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