Fall in Love with Calabasas on a "First Time Thing" with One Listen to Their Latest Offering

Ian Tsang

Los Angeles based duo, Calabasas, debuts their latest single “First Time Thing” with an accompanying music video to add to their already infectious discography. "First Time Thing" is the first track under their recent rebranding – swapping “The Image” and their signature masks for talent which already speaks for itself. Yet, the single still boasts the masterful production of Franskiiz and cleverly intoxicating lyricism of Watrcup.

“F*ck with me you’ll never be the same,

Cause you don’t understand that I got options.

I stay in LA LA shawtys like a toxin,

So it’s so hard for me to stick to one thing.”

Watrcup’s catchy bars are nothing new: they already propelled his solo career to stardom. The same can be said for Franskiiz – whose production style ultimately led to worldwide acclaim. But whilst both artists have seen glimpses of success in their own right, their individual talents seamlessly build off one another: mixing lyricism and production for overall musical genius. Recently, industry mogul Bu Thiam – co-manager of Kanye West, former A&R SVP at Def Jam, and younger brother to Akon – took note: signing the alt-pop/hip hop duo to the roster at BuVision/The Porter Music Company. Their relationship with Thiam came to fruition last May when they flew out to test their production prowess for the iconic Kanye West – writing and producing in his Wyoming Yeezy Campus studio.

"First Time Thing" actualizes the evolution of “The Image” to “Calabasas.” In a sense, it's the start of a new era for the two: where the mask is lifted and the music speaks for itself. Likewise, the reborn duo uses the track – which brandishes uplifting summer vibes – to mirror the shift from spring to summer: a duality which perfectly summarizes the bright future in store for Franskiiz and Watrcup.

This track has immense replay potential – a must have on your summer jam playlist. Dive into the sensational “First Time Thing” below:

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