Caleb Hearn & ROSIE Make Each Other a “Little Bit Better”

Kieran Kohorst

North Carolina’s Caleb Hearn proved he can kill listeners softly with his 2023 1200 sq ft EP, where he leaned further into a more acoustic, homy, sound that served his writing well. Diving further into this sound, Hearn is joined by ROSIE on new single “Little Bit Better,” a track that feels exceptionally quaint in its folk and indie angle. The two complement each other effortlessly  both vocally and in their perspectives, the two mirroring each other in their verses. They hold a unique understanding of one another, and it's that idiosyncratic connection that drives the song that much further.

 “We started with the chorus, and it just clicked,” Hearn shares in a press release. “We knew we had something special…The song highlights that one person who's your constant pick-me-up, even when life throws its worst at you.” In the same release, ROSIE echoed her collaborator’s sentiment: “This song is about the one person that makes all of the heaviest times in life, feel a little lighter. Whether it’s a family member, a friend, or a partner, we all deserve someone who is a ‘light’ in our lives, someone who makes every day, a little bit better.” 

While the characters that inhabit the song are the true testament of this kind of relationship, Hearn and ROSIE quickly developed chemistry in their first time teaming up. Though through different styles, the two artists share the same approach: unabashed intimacy shared with listeners that is sure to develop a bond with the listener. Never afraid to plunge deep, the two are prideful songwriters above all else, and not a word feels out of place on “Little Bit Better.” Hearn and Rosie take a synchronized step forward on their latest single, empowered by one another to find the light we’re all searching for. 

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