Kayla DiVenere Makes The Most of “Small Talk”

Kieran Kohorst
Lili Skyler

Regardless of what some may say, small talk is an art: the intricacies of conversation, trying to make something magical out of the banal, exhausting oneself for unpromised rewards. Art, much like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, and Kayla DiVenere has grown tired of these small gestures. The LA-based singer/songwriter openly ridicules the practice on her new single, “Small Talk,” pleading instead for grand acts of desire. Nothing short of a classic romantic-comedy scene will do, a boombox outside of her window and all. It’s an endlessly-imaginative scene, and “Small Talk” is an endlessly-listenable song.

“I created "Small Talk" in my longing to have more than a fleeting 5 minute conversation with my crush every time he would come over,” DiVenere explains, “My imagination ran wild and I found myself aching for something like a John Hughes romance movie about a secret love. After rewatching every romance movie I could find, I decided that instead of torturing myself, I should write this song in an attempt to pour my heart out and make sense of my desire for something more than small talk.” Simple intentions lend to a fairly straight-forward song, but one that is undeniable in its charm and craving. 

Arriving in LA by way of Montreal, Kayla DiVenere has established herself as an artist across mediums. A singer, songwriter, actor, and model – DiVenere also boasts talents as a multi-instrumentalist, and is well-rounded in all aspects of her artistry. While only 20 years old, DiVenere has proven maturity beyond her age with recent singles “Jumping the Gun” and “Dating Myself,” displaying an ear for pop hits while not sacrificing her shaped perspective. In as varied of a pop landscape as we’ve ever seen, Kayla DiVenere has all the potential and talent to back it up on her way to the top.

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