fanclubwallet Shines on New Single "Easy"

Ben Wego

fanclubwallet, the project of Canadian singer/songwriter Hannah Judge, has just released their newest single entitled “Easy.” The track follows the story of growing pains, over melancholic guitar-studded bedroom pop production.  

It follows a personal account of shyness, and of how a person can transform into someone they never thought they could amount to behind that fear. Judge comments, “It kind of bounces back and forth between me and the perspective of my younger self; contemplating the differences and wondering how things have changed as I've grown up.” 

In the first verse of the song, “Easy” channels that feeling of being lost inside and questioning one’s inner strength, “This time I’m nervous / This time you're not / What is the difference between us.” while juxtaposed with the last verse,  “This time it's perfect / Were in a line / The only difference is time.” This illuminates the song’s significance of time, which proves a source of healing for a person developing their self confidence. 

fanclubwallet delivers an empowering performance of the adolescent journey on “Easy,” using the experience of the younger self, compared with the current self, to illustrate the power of growth within. 

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