Ahmad Anonimis Teams up with Kenny Mason In "Can’t Wake Up - Remix"


Ahmad Anonimis has been making a lot of noise in the Atlanta hip-hop scene since the release of his debut album Dancing with My Feet Up in 2021. The Rising alternative rap artist followed up with his breakout hit “Can’t Wake Up” in 2022, earning him cosigns from stars such as Isaiah Rashad, Redveil, and DJ Drama. Continuing to ride the wave of this incredible track, Anonimis brought in fellow Atlanta native Kenny Mason to give “Can’t Wake Up” a fresh spin. Mason, an RCA signee who’s feature on JID’s “Dance Now” placed top 20 on Billboard Bubbling charts, has long been a supporter of Ahmad Anonimis. The two artists combine for infectious flows over the effortlessly smooth instrumental produced by Silk Beats. Despite its butter-like appeal, “Can’t Wake Up,” poses a gloomy commentary on the broken state of society. Brimming with potent word play, powerful insights, and creative rhyme schemes, here are a few lines that made us do a double take: "Seen strange fruits hang off the leaves, pray on my hands and my knees, vote for the polls we still bleed, while the poles burning this planet need more than a breeze, engine electing the keys, we laugh a kee, blind in the land of the dreams." – Anonimis

"Pardon the cynicism, all of my criticism, I was curious 'till I've seen cats killed. Ate out cereal boxes with critters in 'em, I did them numbers but scratch them. Ain't no serial seen on the Sig I'm wielding, It's serial when you see killers with 'em, The beam in the center was meant to hit 'em, The reason for sinning was sentimental." – Mason

It’s songs like this that remind us what hip-hop is about. The commentary made through poetic MCs allows us to take a step back and process the world around us a little easier. Ahmad Anonimis provides a sound of the future while sticking to the roots and foundations of the genre we love. With a new album expected later in the year, We here at Sheesh are excited for a big 2024 from Anonimis, and you should be too.

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