Dance through the Seasons of Your Relationship with Chance Peña Latest Release, “Highs and Lows”

Emma Neveux

Life is messy as it is, but add a relationship on top of it all and you might find yourself overwhelmed more than once. There is nothing more uncontrollable than human relationships but, oh how good it feels, when you find THE relationship. Though. it’s one thing to find it and another one to keep it.

Through his sleek ability to deliver emotional and vulnerable stories, Chance Peña convinces you about the worth of your relationship in his latest release: “Highs and Lows.” By borrowing the funk poignant style of some of his musical influences such as The Lumineers, he makes you reflect more than once about the importance and hardships of unconditional love. His lyrics address the various peaks and valleys of relationships while asserting that the rewards of true love make the endeavor worthwhile. The simple use of his guitar really underlines his raw emotions which are well intensified by the contrasting highs from his chorus. A perfect balance of his  unique style of traditional storytelling infused with modern musical influences.

To be honest, I’m rarely the one to get emotionally invested but I am telling you that listening to this song is as rewarding as that reward of true love Chance Peña speaks about. So even if you’re not that emotional type of person, we all know that that little pinch in the heart is always a good feeling to get once in a while, so treat yourself to it.

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