Presley Regier Makes Impressive Debut with "Nevermind"

Perry Avgerinos

It’s always a pleasure to write about an artist’s debut release. There’s plenty of artists who are huge now that I wish I knew about in the earlier, less polished days of their come up. After seeing snippets float around my fyp on TikTok, Presley Regier finally dropped his debut single – and it’s as catchy as the snippet suggested.

“Nevermind” is a sunset soaked, summer night soundtrack. With the right balance of "hooking" in the chorus, vocal harmonies, and indie production (partially produced by Presley himself), Regier sings “Nevermind, can't see you in the way / All the time I'm trying, but it's / Nevermind / Had enough of you today.”

The songwriting paints an easy to follow picture, with a tight arrangement, making listeners want to run the track back again, and again. With such a strong debut, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next for Presley, and how quickly he could potentially grow. We shall see, but for now enjoy “Nevermind” below:

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